Get Involved

“Our veterans have done their part to protect the freedoms we value. We owe them opportunities to thrive after they leave the military. Please join us by supporting NS2 Serves.”

— Vice Admiral Joe Kernan, U.S. Navy, Retired

Corporate Partnerships

Interested in being a NS2 Serves Corporate Partner? Please contact us for more information.


Interested in sponsoring the NS2 Serves Program? Contact us for more information!

Mentor a Vet

We are always looking for mentors to meet with our veterans either in person or virtually. If you, or someone you know, would be a great mentor to our veterans, contact us for more information.


There are endless ways to get involved with the NS2 Serves program. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, contact us for more information.

Explore Our Annual Events

Each year we host several events and we are always looking for strategic partners to help support our collective goals. Without these key initiatives, NS2 Serves would not be where it is today. Our veterans rely on these programs to help sustain the program, broaden our reach in the community, and to help secure a meaningful career once they leave the program.

NS2 Serves Job Fair

Looking to hire skilled veterans for your workplace or interested in participating in the job fair? If so, please contact us for more information.

NS2 Serves Graduation

Interested in attending the NS2 Serves graduation? Please contact us for more information.

Las Vegas Golf Fundraiser

We hold an annual golf fundraiser in January every year. To register for the next upcoming event, please click here.

Atlanta Golf Fundraiser

We hold a golf fundraiser in November every year. Please click here to register.

Give Back

Make a donation today. Every dollar helps recruit, train and purchase supplies for each and every veteran. NS2 Serves staff is 100% volunteer so it is our guarantee that every dollar is spent on our veterans and their success.